Niche Industries

Red Parrot Media has experience with clients of all varieties in B2C, B2B, B2G, D2C and Non-profit. There are, however, some verticals where we have developed intimate industry expertise. Here's a sample of those industries:

Clothing Retailers

Let the data expose what customer will need a polo to match the slacks or a blouse to match the shoes. Managing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities can optimize your loyalty marketing.  

Automotive Industry

The competition for attention in the auto industry is unrivaled. Success for our clients has stemmed from consistent targeted messages to a highly-qualified market segment.

RV Industry

We find the needle in a haystack for our RV dealers. Finding the qualified RV buyer is challenging, but we have developed methods to identify prospects in the market to buy.

Furniture Retailers

THIS WEEKEND ONLY...BIGGEST SALE EVER! Today's consumers don't respond well to gimmick advertising. We have developed a foolproof solution that drives qualified prospective furniture buyers into the store or website.     

Bridal Retailers

We architected a methodology to reach brides-to-be and grooms-to-be FIRST. We can reach newly engaged individuals at the beginning of the wedding journey to get a jump on competition.   

Colleges & Universities

Competition to reach and convert a potential student is tremendous. From non-traditional students to high school students, we have developed proven marketing campaigns with industry-leading ROAS.